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Professor Patrick Hendra
Ventacon Publishing Ltd, Gable Cottage, Crawley, Winchester SO21 2PR, UK.

Louise Martin
Ventacon Publishing Ltd, 28 Partridge Road, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, 
SO45 4LP, UK.

Dr Andrew Brookes, Crewe, UK
Dr Giuseppina Conti, Novara, Italy
Dr David Coombs, Kent, UK
Professor Ralph Cooney, Auckland, New Zealand
Geoffrey Dent, Manchester, UK
Professor Danita de Waal, Pretoria, South Africa
Professor Howell Edwards, Bradford, UK
Dr Gary Ellis, Madrid, Spain
Dr Peter Fredericks, Queensland, Australia
Professor Robin Garrell, Los Angeles, USA
Dr Hervé Jobic, Villeurbanne, France
Professor Dr Thomas Klapötke, Munchen, Germany
Dr Frans Langkilde, Mölndal, Sweden
Dr Joachim Oelichmann, Flawil, Switzerland
Dr Chris Petty, Madison, USA
Professor Dr H.W. Siesler, Essen, Germany
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Dr Richard W. Duerst, Chicago, USA.


The Journal is published exclusively on the Internet and is free of charge to readers. Each edition consists of two parts, the first containing news and information, with three or four articles on Vibrational Spectroscopy, its techniques and applications. The articles are of increasing complexity and specialisation and are intended to help spectrometer users achieve the best results they should. It is also hoped that the articles will excite interest in applying vibrational spectroscopy in areas unfamiliar to users. The first section also contains a correspondence column. The second section contains contributed articles on the techniques and application of vibrational spectroscopic techniques. Submitted articles can be completely novel or can describe material already recently published elsewhere. To avoid conflicts over copyright, the material must be presented in the IJVS in a form dissimilar to that published elsewhere. All articles will be refereed. Correspondence is enthusiastically welcomed but the Editor has the right to reject contributions.

Articles for any part of the Journal are invited and should follow our Submission Guidelines.


IJVS offers to manufacturers of equipment, software or data collection, a free of charge opportunity to publicise their new products that are relevant to its readers. Since the Journal has a growing, young and interested readership (registered readers currently ~1600) this must have marketing potential.

Contributors can use full colour, include large numbers of diagrams and where appropriate interactive facilities, plus a hypertext link system to relevant web sites, giving instant marketing opportunities.

Many journals include manufacturers’ announcements and these are generally considered by readers to be a valuable source of up-to-date information. IJVS has inaugurated this feature but has done so in a typically unique style responding to the wishes of our readership and remembering that we are not constrained to the same extent as are paper publications. Thus our manufacturers’ announcement section is unusual. Announcements are more detailed, comprehensive and colourful than offered elsewhere. Details of our ‘house style’ are below

  • Announcements must be made as contributions to the scientific literature NOT as marketing pieces, i.e., they should appear as short scientific articles describing the product at a level of detail you consider appropriate, including its special features and demonstrating its use.
  • Articles can be up to 1500 words in length and include six or seven diagrams and pictures. [These should be of the highest quality].
  • Articles MUST include at least one example of an application with references, where appropriate, to original literature sources.
  • References to original sources are encouraged. We are not keen on references to your own technical literature.
  • Articles will remain on the server for a limited period, normally twelve months.
  • Amendments after publication are acceptable within reason.
  • Articles will not be refereed, but will be read and carefully checked by the Editor who retains the right to require improvement/alteration and/or to reject copy that in his opinion does not fall within the journal’s ‘house style’ and quality of content and presentation.
  • You will obviously wish to include a contact address or site. We can only publish ONE per article.
  • Articles will appear beneath a heading giving the title of the product to the left and you logo to the right. Please, therefore supply your logo in digital format as per format specifications in table below.




Word 95, 97 and 98 accepted

Diagrams and Photographs

N.B. Full colour images are welcomed

Diagrams to be supplied as .tifs, .gifs or .jpegs. Alternatively .pdf files can be supplied, but please ensure image size is as below.

Final reproduction size in IJVS for all images is 520 pixels wide maximum. If images are supplied larger than this, there may be a loss of quality on reduction.

Company Logo

Logo to be supplied as .gif file to width of 250 pixels wide.


IJVS was published by Ventacon Ltd, Gable Cottage,Crawley, Winchester, Hants, SO21 2PR, UK. 

Ventacon Publishing Ltd, 28 Partridge Road, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, SO45 4LP, UK.

References to the Journal

Copyright © Infrared and Raman Discussion Group(IRDG)

If authors wish to reproduce material contained in the Journal elsewhere, they should contact the IRDG for permission.

All references to the Journal should ideally include the Volume, Edition, and article number. As the Journal is only reproduced on the web, the URL should be included as part of the journal title. Therefore citation of any paper published in IJVS should be shown as –

Author, Internet J. Vib. Spec.[] Vol. Ed. Pg (Year)

So an example would be J. Bloggs, Internet J. Vib. Spec.[] 3, 1, 1 (1999). If you are unsure about this method of citing papers, please refer to the relevant discussion in Volume 3, Edition 1, Editorial. Every paper now published in IJVS, should have it’s   reference quoted at the end. 

Contacting the Editor WEBMASTER

Correspondence to the journal should be submitted to the Editor by email or fax. Regular mail (“snail-mail”) is discouraged, but the address is included here for reference:

email or
+44-23 80 840710  or 
+44-1962-776390 (Direct to Editor)
regular mail


Patrick Hendra
Gable Cottage
Crawley, Winchester
SO21 2PR, UK.
Louise Martin
28 Partridge Road
Dibden Purlieu, Southampton
SO45 4LP, UK



Unsolicited articles are actively encouraged. Initially they should be submitted by FAX on   +44 (0)1962 776390 or  +44 (0)23 80 840710. Once refereed and amended, the article should be sent via email as an attachment or on disk to the Webmaster. As far as format is concerned, we would prefer if text was supplied in Microsoft Word (95, 97 or 98), with diagrams supplied as separate .tif,.gif or .jpeg files. This is particularly important if emailing the paper as large files can then be sent as separate email attachments. Alternatively graphic files can be compressed and then sent via email. The IJVS page set up to accept diagrams of approx 520 pixels wide, so if this can be allowed for when submitting diagrams it would be appreciated. Any diagram files supplied larger or smaller than this, may suffer from loss in quality when inserted into the journal.

If you have any queries about submission, please email or fax the webmaster.

Since rapid publication is a prime feature of the Journal, contributors should NOT submit copy by regular mail, unless specifically asked to do so.