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This is an expanding feature which compiles a list of Web sites with a spectroscopic content. Brief commentaries are included where the content of the link is not immediately obvious. The list is by no means complete, so send us your suggestions if you find an interesting site, or if you wish to include your webpage in any of the relevant sections. 

Page compiled by Dr. Gary Ellis, CSIC, Madrid (Spain)

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ABB Bomem  FTIR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman
Analect Instruments  FT-IR and NIR spectrometers
Analytical Spectral Devices Inc. Portable instruments, incl. NIR
Andor Technology Spectroscopy systems, CCDs and Benchtop Raman
ASI Applied Systems FTIR-based in situ or on-line analysers of chemical reactions in the lab, pilot plant and manufacturing environment
Avalon Instruments Raman system for method development, quality control and research
Bio-Rad FTIR, FT-Raman and microspectroscopy, and Sadtler Databases
Block Engineering Portable and field FTIR systems
BrukerFTIR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman and microspectroscopy
Büchi Labortechnik AG NIR systems
ChemIcon, Inc Raman Chemical Imaging Microscope
Chromex, Inc Raman and imaging spectroscopy
Detection Limit, Inc  Dispersive Raman systems
FOSS NIR y IR solutions for analysis and quality control in agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products
Foster & Freeman Ltd  Forensic Science equipment, including Raman microprobe
InPhotonics Raman spectrometers and fiber optic sampling probes
Jasco Inc. , Jasco (UK) FT-IR, FT-Raman and dispersive Raman systems
JY International , JY (UK) Ltd & Glen Spectra Ltd FT-IR, FT-Raman and dispersive Raman and Raman microscopy (formarly Instruments S.A.)
Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. Raman and Raman microscopy
McPherson Raman
Mattson FTIR and FT-NIR
Midac FTIR
Multichannel Instruments UV – NIR Multichannel Echelle Spectral Analysers
Nicolet Instrument Corporation FTIR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman and microspectroscopy
Perkin-Elmer FTIR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman, and microspectroscopy
Process Instruments Inc Lasers and fibre-coupled Raman systems
Renishaw Raman microscopy, process monitoring, fibre-optic probes, CCD detectors and lasers for Raman spectroscopy
Shimadzu FTIR
Spectral Dimensions FTIR, NIR and Raman spectral imaging
Spectrolab Wide range of scientific instruments including FTIR, FT-Raman, UV-Vis-NIR, laser & electro optics, and spectroscopic accesories
Temet Instruments FT-IR Gas Analyzers
Varian Cary UV-Vis-NIR
Optics, Accessories, Software and Services
Aabspec Sampling accessories for IR and Raman
Acton Research Corporation Monochromators, filters, optics, etc.
Advanced Chemistry Development  Spectroscopic management software
Advanced Fuel Research Inc.  Process monitoring using Raman, and SERS sample vials
BioTools, Inc.  Vibrational Circular Dichroism
Chemical Concepts  Software for spectroscopy, and spectroscopic database
CIC Photonics Inc. FTIR accessories and optical fibres
Coherent, Inc. Lasers
Crystan Optics for IR and UV
DelMar Ventures Detectors, laser systems, optics and accessories
Electro-Optical Systems, Inc.  Detection systems (visible to 40 micron), IR sources, fibre-optic sensing, a variety of other optoelectronic applications
Fiveash Data Management, Inc. Wide range of FTIR spectral databases A pay-per-use service for searching FTIR and Raman spectral libraries from Galactic and Nicolet
Galactic Industries Spectroscopy software, including the popular GRAMS/32
Gemini Specialty Optics, Inc.  Gas sampling accessories and software for FTIR spectrometers Center for information and a wholesale specialist with attached service provider structures in the field of modular optical spectroscopy
Harrick Scientific Corporation Extensive range of IR accessories
Hi-Tech Scientific Intruments and accessories instruments for the study of rapid reaction kinetics
Infrared Fiber Systems Infrared fibre optics
Inorganic Ventures Experts in Standardology, provide information, technical support, and chemical standards
LabControl  Scientific Consulting and Software Development
Lambda Photometrics Ltd  Lasers, electro-optics, instrumentation, fibre-optics
Melles Griot Optical componentes and accessories
MK Photonics Inc  Optics and accessories, and new and used analytical instrumentation, including a remote Raman system
MMR Technologies  Cryogenic systems, including microrefrigerators for optical spectroscopy
MTEC Photoacoustics Inc  FTIR Photoacoustic detector accessories
M.Theiss Hard- and software for optical spectroscopy, spectrum analysis and optical design
Namar Raman Analytical and Consulting Services
Ocean Optics  Fibre-optic systems for spectroscopy, and Raman
OCLI Optical thin-flim coated components
Omega Optical, Inc Optical filters
Oriel Instruments Optical components and accessories
Optical Solutions Inc Chemical analyzer company making fibre optic filter
photometers, diode array spectrophotometers and sample probes for use in the 
Pike Technologies FTIR accessories, applications, and analytical advice
Reflex Analytical Corporation Accessories for spectroscopy
Remspec Corporation Reaction monitoring and rapid analysis systems and probes using fiber optic FTIR spectroscopy
Resultec Analytic Equipment FTIR accessories, applications and advice, UV-VIS Microspectrophotometry instrumentaion (site in German)
Rhea Corporation CCD spectroscopy systems and software for Raman, fluorescence
Roper Scientific Incorporating Acton Research and Princeton Instruments.Products include CCD cameras, PDA detectors, otpics, monochromators, etc.
SensIR Technologies  Micro-ATR and FTIR accessories
Specac Infrared sampling accessories and supplies and also offers custom built accessories and special optics
Spectra-Physics Lasers and accessories
Spectra-Tech FTIR accessories, microscopes and optical components
Spectral Sciences Inc. Raman Optical Sensors
Spectrolab Wide range of systems and accesories
Spectros Associates  Spectroscopic training courses and consulting services
Spectroscopy Central Instruments, accessories and consumables for several branches of spectroscopy, including a ‘core’ discipline of IR and FT-IR spectroscopy 
Ventacon Wotton Ltd Specialised cells for Raman and FT-Raman Spectroscopy, and Raman microscopy, for the study of specimens in widely varying environments – vacuum, under gas, cooled or heated, solid or liquid and in electrochemical cells. 
Walker Systems Plastics identification using FTIR


Educational Resources (Chemistry) Global information resource including some spectroscopy

Analytical Spectroscopy (Science Hypermedia) Part of Brian M. Tissue’s educational hypermedia resource 
C.V.Raman’s famous paper Courtesy of Jim Holler of Kentucky University 
German SERS website (Germany) – in German – Maintained by Bernd Sägmüller of Erlangen University 
Univ. Akron – “The Virtual Classroom” (USA) Extensive undergraduate level lecture material in many fields of chemistry, including sections on Molecular Spectroscopy and the instrumentation used 
University of Massachusetts (USA)  Spectral animations with Chime and J-CAMP, using your web browser.

Univ. Michigan “Virtually Raman” (USA) Interactive Raman spectrometer, with basics of the technique and the instrument 
Univ. West Indies Mona (Jamaica) Interactive FTIR problems and tutorials are included in a comprehensive site by Robert Lancashire in the Department of Chemistry
Univ. Widener, Chester (USA) Introduction to IR Spectroscopy and Greenhouse Gases
Univ. Wisconsin – River Falls (USA) Raman Spectroscopy in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum – A talk to the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, August 4-8, 1996
Univ. California, San Diego (USA) Didactic basic spectroscopy tutorial in the physical chemistry section of the Squier Group’s extensive website 
WebSpectra  A library of NMR and IR spectroscopy problems for chemistry students, from UCLA


Groups and Societies 


The International Committee for Near Infrared Spectroscopy 
The Infrared and Raman Discussion Group (UK) meets three times a year, and has provided since 1950 an important forum for all interested in the theory, practice and teaching of infrared and Raman spectroscopy 
Molecular Spectroscopy Group 
Specialised subject Group of the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry 
A bilingual website dedicated to all areas of the Raman technique, incorporating the  Raman Users Group.  Features include Spanish-English and French-English spectroscopy dictionaries, Raman applications, etc. 
Sociedad Española de Óptica, SEDO (in Spanish) 
The Spanish Optical Society. Homepage for the Spectroscopy Committee 
Society of Applied Spectroscopy 
An international society with a strong base stateside, and thousands of members worldwide 
Spectroscopy Group 
The Spectroscopy Group of the Institute of Physics, founded in 1946, organises around four meetings every year, on all aspects of spectroscopy.



Useful sites for bibliographic information on-line. 

Applied Spectroscopy 
The Society of Applied Spectroscopy gives contents and abstract listings from their journal, since January 1994. On-line version for paying members 
Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy 
The first free peer-reviewed vibrational spectroscopy journal on the Internet 
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 
Academic Press provides information and downloadable indices of contents in .pdf portable document format (you need to configure a viewer). External links to contents and abstracts with guest access facilities are available 
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 
Interscience-Wiley provide basic information about the JRS here. However, for contents listings and detailed abstracts, register with Wiley InterScience and configure your personal homepage to select your “hot” journals or articles 
NIR Publications 
specialist publisher in near infrared spectroscopy, with two journals; NIR News and Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 
NIRS Reporter 
Educational Internet Journal dedicated to near-infrared spectroscopy, from the University of Lyon (France)  
Spectrochimica Acta 
Elsevier Science provide full information with journal contents listings since March 1987 (Vol. 53). They also provide electronic subscriptionas and an alerting service which you can configure to recieve regular listings of the journals of your choice by e-mail. Mirror sites in USA and Japan  
Contents listing of this US based magazine with publications on techniques, instrumentation and applications. 
Spectroscopy Europe 
The Spectroscopy Europe web site contains a searchable database of products published in the magazine, as well as a diary of Future Events, the full text of the Tony Davies Columns on data handling and chemometrics, and news from the latest issue 
Vibrational Spectroscopy 
Elsevier Science provide full information with journal contents listings since November 1984 (Vol. 8). They also provide electronic subscriptions and an alerting service which you can configure to recieve regular listings of the journals of your choice by e-mail. Mirror sites in USA and Japan  
Wave of the Future 
On-line peer-reviewed preprint manuscripts on Chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Computational Sciences, as part of a vision of a new scientific publication system

People and Places 

This is a brief but rapidly expanding representation of academic and institutional groups on the Web which use vibrational spectroscopy in their research. 

Americas and Canada 
Advanced Light Source (USA) 
The infrared beamlines homepage by Mike Martin, at the synchrotron radiation source at Berkeley Labs, California 
Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) 
Infrared spectroscopy (Beamline U4IR) at the National Synchrotron Light Source 
City College New York (USA) 
SERS with J.R.Lombardi and R.Burke  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) 
Laser Spectroscopy and Microinstrumentation Group 
Institute for Biodiagnostics, NRC (Canada) 
Infrared spectroscopy and imaging methods for use in the health care arena 
Synchroton Radiation Center, Wisconsin (USA) 
Includes a beamline dedicated to IR research, equipped with FT-IR microscope 
Univ. Illinois, Beckman Institute (USA) 
Raman – SERS of chemical and biological systems  
Univ. Miami (USA) 
Molecular Microspectroscopy Laboratory 
Univ. Ohio State (USA) 
Richard McCreery’s Group: Raman – Surface spectroscopy, Raman imaging and analytical Raman spectroscopy  
Univ. Pittsburgh (USA) 
Sanford Asher’s Group: UV resonance Raman and crystalline colloid displays 
Univ. Pontificia Católica (Chile) 
Micro-Raman laboratory 
Univ. West Virginia (USA) 
Paul Jagodzinski’s Vibrational Spectroscopy Group 
Univ. Washington in St. Louis (USA) 
Haskin Research Group: In situ Planetary Raman Spectroscopy  
Univ. Windsor (Canada) 
Ricardo Aroca’s Materials and Surface Science Group: Analytical spectroscopy and Surface-enhanced vibrational spectroscopy 
U.S. Geological Survey Spectroscopy Lab 
Extensive website which includes a digital spectral library, imaging spectroscopy and terrestrial mapping, planetary spectra, and even tutorials on spectroscopy and basic principles
Asia and Australia 
Raman Research Institute (India) 
“Home” of Sir C.V.Raman, founded in 1948 by the Nobel laureate, the main activity of the Institute is basic research in selected areas of Physics and Astronomy 
RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia) 
Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility  
Univ. Canberra (Australia) 
Raman Microscopy Unit 
Univ. Sydney (Australia) 
The vibrational spectrosopy laboratory 
Agricultural Univ. of Athens (Greece) 
Pesticides Determination by FT-Raman Methods 
Institute of Experimental Minerology (Russia) 
High-temperature high-pressure Raman spectroscopy  
Institute of the Structure of Matter, CSIC (Spain) 
Department of Vibrational Spectroscopy and Multiphotonic Processes 
Institute of Materials, CSIC (Spain) 
Fernando Agulló-Rueda’s Group: Raman microscopy of semiconductors, insulators and thin films 
Swiss Gemological Institute (Switzerland) 
Raman microscopy – mineral identification 
Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) 
Raman spectroscopy in the Chemistry Department under Rolf W. Berg 
Technical University of Graz (Austria) 
Infrared and Raman Microspectroscopy at the FELMI/ZFE facility 
Univ. Aberystwyth (UK) 
IR and Raman spectroscopy in the quantitative biology and analytical biotechnology group 
Univ. Barcelona (Spain) (in Catalán) 
Molecular spectroscopy in the Scientific Tecnical Services Department, including a wide range of IR and Raman applications 
Univ. Bath (UK) 
John Davies’s Optical Spectroscopy Group: Semiconductors 
Univ. Florence (Italy) 
Raman spectroscopy in the European Laboratory for non Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) 
Univ. Hamburg (Germany) 
Raman microscopy in the Nanostructure Physics Group 
Univ. Lille (France) 
IR and Raman spectroscopy laboratory 
Univ. London – UCL and Imperial College (UK) 
Raman and FT-Raman – service pages 
Univ. Leuven (Belgium) 
Raman microscopy – superconductors 
Univ. Lyon (France)

Website dedicated to IR and NIR spectroscopy, edited by Gilbert LachenalUniv. Oslo (Norway)
Software for vibrational Raman optical Activity 
Univ. Oxford (UK) 
Raman scattering in the Department of Earth Sciences 
Univ. Parma (Italy) 
Raman and Raman microscopy – Sol-gel, doped glasses, semiconductors 
Univ. Paris-Sud, LURE (France) 
Mirage Synchrotron beamline for IR microscopy, run by Paul Dumas 
Univ. Politécnica de Cataluña (Spain) 
Raman Spectroscopy-Microscopy for pigment identification in artwork 
Univ. Ruhr (Germany) 
Raman – normal coordinate analysis and bismuth organic compounds  
Univ. Utrecht (Netherlands) 
Van der Maas Group: Molecular interactions and multivariate analysis




SpectroscopyNOW Comprehensive resource for users of all areas of Spectroscopy, provided by John Wiley & Sons


Spectral Libraries  


Database: FT-NIR Applications (Germany) Provided by Büchi 
Database: Ice analogs (Netherlands) Infrared spectra of laboratory analogs of interstellar ices from the Leiden Observatory 
Database: IR Correlation Charts and IR Optical Materials Useful information, compiled by Warren Vidrine of Vidrine Consulting (USA) 
Database: IR Reference Spectra (USA) The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Emission Measurement Centre provide over 100 reference spectra downloadable in .spc format with listings 
Database: IR Spectra of Organic Compounds (USA) Small collection of organic compounds from Smith College 
Database: Minerals Spectroscopy Server (USA) The California Institute of Technology provides a large database of Absorption, IR and Raman spectra of minerals, and information on colour in minerals 
Database: Raman Shift Frequency Standards (USA) ASTM E 1848 standard spectra (.html files) and frequency tables from the McCreery Group 
Database: Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates (Denmark) Around 13 Spectra, although many more promised, in GIF and PE-ASCII formats for downloading, from the Royal Vet. and Agricultural University 
Database: Raman Spectra of Natural and Synthetic Pigments (UK) Excellent collection of Pre- ~1850 AD pigments, with many downloadable files in the *.spc format 
Database: SDBS (Japan)  Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds including NMR, MS, IR and Raman spectra  
Database: SpecInfo Around 25,000 IR spectra in this enormous database from Wiley can be searched using SpecSurf browser software. Information and registration page. 
Database: SpectraOnline, Galactic (USA) FREE searchable database containing over 6,000 spectra of IR, MS, NMR (proton, carbon and other nuclei), UV/VIS and NIR spectra. 
Database: Vibrational Spectra (Italy) Infrared, Raman and electronic spectra from the University of Torino. Needs Active-X viewer.


Miscellaneous Links 
References, information, and software or utilities for the manipulation of spectral data 


ACD/SpecViewer (Canada) Freware from ACD Labs which imports and views processed ASCII, JCAMP-DX, *.SPC or *.ESP files for NMR, MS, UV, Visible, IR, NIR and Raman spectra through a single interface 
Calculation of IR and Raman Intensities (Netherlands) 
Methodology and instruction manual for the GAMESS molecular modeling program 
Chemscape Chime (UK) and (USA) Plugin software for browsers allowing access and manipulation of chemical data in many formats 
ComSpec3D Very interesting resource to calculate the IR and Raman spectra of small molecules, allowing visualization of peaks and vibrations after downloading a plug-in Excellent resource form Spectroscopy Central, containing everything you need to know about IR materials 
JCAMP-DX viewer (UK) The original display programs written by Robert Lancashire (UWI, Jamaica) have now been incorporated into MDL’s Chime 2 plugin, free to academic/educational institutions. However some utilities for the original software may still be available here 
.spc data viewer FREE tool for viewing, displaying, and sharing spectral and chromatographic data files saved in the Galactic SPC format 
Telespec  IR spectral simulation on the WorldWideWeb 
“The Monster Library” (Iceland) Internet located reference collection, in its very early stages, but already includes IJVS articles and features listing 
“Prometheus” (Germany) Software for normal coordinate analysis calculations, from Martin Jursch 
SpectroscopyNOW  The IR section of Wileys extensive spectroscopy resource was launched on July 1, 2001 
Wavenumber Calibration Tables, NIST (USA) Calculated from heterodyne frequency measurements 
Wizards from Univ. Potsdam (Germany) A series of spectroscopic tools for NMR and mass spectroscopy, but includes “IR Wizard” (in the left-hand frame) for frequency-chemical group predictions 
Dictionary: Photonics Searchable resource containing descriptions of a most optical terms  Centre for information and discussion page in the field of optical spectroscopy (Raman, NIR, UV/vis , IR) 
IR spectra: Greenhouse Gases (USA) Part of module used in an inquiry-based Introductory Chemistry class in Beloit College  
IR-Tutor Downloadable educational software developed by Prof. Charles Abrams of Beloit College


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