A Technical Note on CO, and OH Frequencies in  Calcium Acetate and Glyoxalic Acid

7. A Technical Note on CO, and OH Frequencies in 
Calcium Acetate and Glyoxalic Acid: Synthesis and 

 Abraham F. Jalbout 1,2 and Suhong Zhang 1

1Department of Chemistry,
University of New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA 70148-2820

2Department of Physics,
Dillard University,
2601 Gentilly Blvd.,
New Orleans, LA 70112

This technical note, describes a simple comparison between the CO and OH peaks in two calcium complexes: calcium acetate [1] and glyoxalic acid [2]. Although, there are some detailed accounts of both spectra, a simple comparison of the stretching frequencies has not been described.

The IR spectra were collected from a Bruker HR120 Fourier transform IR spectrophotometer, and all samples were prepared (from commercial samples) [3-6]. In the IR spectrum of calcium acetate (Ca (COO)2), there is a carbonyl peak in 1600-1700 cm-1, a stretching vibration peak of hydroxyl group in 3000-3500 cm-1, in addition, there are peaks of hydroxyl group at 1090 cm-1and1072 cm-1. The IR spectrum of glyoxalic acid (Ca (OHCCOO)2), there is a peak of carbonyl group at 1610 cm-1, but no stretching vibration peak of aldehyde carbonyl group around 1700 cm-1, the peaks at 3160cm-1 , 1090 cm-1 ,1072cm-1 are stretching vibration peaks of hydroxyl group.

Overall, we feel that this small but significant piece of work, can be of use for experimentalists dealing not only in spectroscopy, but also since these compounds are commonly used in paired electrosynthesis of organic compounds [7], the applications extend beyond simply the IR data presented.

Formula Frequency (cm-1)
Ca (COO)2 1600-1700,3000-3500,1090, 1072
Ca (OHCCOO)2 1610,3160, 1090,1072

Table 1. Vibrational frequencies for Calcium Acetate (Ca (COO)2) and Glyoxalic Acid (Ca (OH)CCOO)2) in cm-1 obtained by Fourier Transform Infrared Resonance Spectroscopy.


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Received 10th March 2002,  accepted 10th March 2002. 

REF: A.F. Jalbout & S. Zhang   Int.J.Vibr.Spec., [www.irdg.org/ijvs] 6, 2, 7 (2002)