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Designed and optimised exclusively for 
Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers

The Ventacon Autochanger Tablet Analyser allows the user to analyse several tablets in succession. The accessory is automatically driven, enabling the user to leave the accessory running unmanned for several hours.

Tablets are rotated and moved up and down as they are examined. The Raman spectrum is the average across the whole scanned area of the tablet surface. The amplitude of vertical movement is adjustable in several steps. This tablet analyser can therefore be used for a wide range of tablet sizes.

A stepper motor-driven carousel is used to auto-change tablets. The carousel holds 20 tablets. It moves to drop tablets, one at a time, into position for study. The carousel sits on the top of the accessory. The rotator and vertical translator lie beneath the carousel.

Figure 1. The Ventacon T2 Autochanger Tablet Analyser

You will see in Figure 1 above, that 2 white tablets remain in the carousel. Beneath it one tablet is in place in the rotator and being examined by the spectrometer.

The brass component to the right of the accessory is an eccentric driven by a small motor/gearbox behind it. An arm and follower is moved up and down by the eccentric.  This moves the whole carousel.

Figure 2. Ventacon Autochanger with Model 21 carousel removed

The unit to the right is the Model 21 carousel. One carousel unit is required for each tablet size. In Figure 2 you will notice that the system is split into 2 parts. The rotator/translator lies to the left. The carousel lies to the right.


The system relies on a timed sequence. This is initiated by a hand-shake from the spectrometer indicating that the Raman analysis is complete.

Carousels are tailor made to suit the individual users tablet sizes. Tablets can be round, lozenge shaped or cylindrical. They can vary between 15 and 100 mg in weight. Changing the carousel from one tablet size to another takes approx. 3 minutes to complete.

The accessory needs considerable support. A complex bench mounted unit is supplied to provide stepper motor, D.C. motor, and other supplies. The entire system is microprocessor controlled.

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