The Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy (IJVS)

IJVSThe IRDG are now the custodians of the web-only Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy (IJVS).

IJVS was the first , free, online Vibrational Spectroscopy Journal, originally published by Professor Pat Hendra of Southampton University.  Perkin Elmer funded the journal from the outset until 2002. John Wiley plc supported the platform until 2018 when copyright was passed to IRDG.  Pat intended that the original journal had to be read as a complete edition so no items could be missed. Unfortunately that format could not be supported on our host.  However although  though no new issues are planned  all the Featured and published articles are now available.

Note: Some links in articles  are now out of date but have been kept as part of the original publication. Individual editions do run as planned on a PC. IRDG have those as an historical record and permission may be given to view for research purposes. Original links to have been updated to

  • Volume 1
    • Edition 1 (features sampling)
    • Edition 2 (features atmosphere and its infrared absorption)
    • Edition 3 (features atmosphere and its infrared absorption, methods of solving atmospheric interference and a description of a very novel Raman spectrometer)
    • Edition 4 (features reflection techniques and mini review on surface enhanced Raman scattering)
    • Edition 5 (features reflection spectroscopy)
  • Volume 2
    • Edition 1 (features Neutron Vibrational Spectroscopy)
    • Edition 2 (features ATR  and HPLC Raman)
    • Edition 3 (features Raman spectroscopy of biologics, gases and inorganics)
    • Edition 4 (features Microscopy and DRIFTS)
  • Volume 3
    • Edition 1 (features  Synchrotron, Beer, and Polarised Light)
    • Edition 2 (features Polarised Vibrational Spectroscopy and Solid State reactions)
    • Edition 3 (features Inelastic Neutron Scattering , Pigments in paper coatings and micro ATR)
    • Edition 4 (features Raman Spectroscopy of Minerals and IR Emission Spectroscopy of fibres)
    • Edition 5 (features FT-IR of proteins and SERS invitro imaging)
    • Edition 6 (features The discovery of the Raman Effect
  • Volume 4
    • Edition 1 (features Polishing IR windows and FT-IR in solid phase synthesis)
    • Edition 2 (SERS Edition with 9 papers)
    • Edition 3 (features Sample heating in FT Raman and IR Mulls)
  • Volume 5
    • Edition 1  (features Strong or weak spectra and Polarised Light in the mid IR)
    • Edition 2 (features Physics of IR Emission spectroscopy and Catalyst Studies)
    • Edition 3 (features Gases and Hot sampling in Raman)
    • Edition 4 (features Raman Spectra of Gases)
    • Edition 5 (features FT-IR, Industrial Spectroscopy and The Handbook)
    • Edition 6 (features IRDG Report and Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology)
  • Volume 6
    • Edition 1 (features Ecological time bomb ? and the PerkinElmer Infracord)
    • Edition 2 (features IR in situ studies)
    • Edition 3 (features FT-NIR in the Ink and Paint Industry)

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