The Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy (IJVS)

IJVSThe IRDG are now the custodians of the web-only Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy (IJVS). No new issues are planned but all back-issues will eventually be available for access from here.

Note: Some links in articles  are now out of date but have been kept as part of the original publication

  • Volume 1
    • Edition 1 (features sampling)
    • Edition 2 (features atmosphere and its infrared absorption)
    • Edition 3 (features atmosphere and its infrared absorption, methods of solving atmospheric interference and a description of a very novel Raman spectrometer)
    • Edition 4 (features reflection techniques and mini review on surface enhanced Raman scattering)
    • Edition 5 (features reflection spectroscopy)
    • Volume 2
      • Edition 1 (features Neutron Vibrational Spectroscopy)
      • Edition 2 (features ATR  and HPLC Raman)
      • Edition 3 (features Raman spectroscopy of biologics, gases and inorganics)
      • Edition 4 (features Microscopy and DRIFTS)
    • Volume 3
      • Edition 1 (features  Synchrotron, Beer, and Polarised Light)
      • Edition 2 (features Polarised Vibrational Spectroscopy and Solid State reactions)
      • Edition 3 (features Inelastic Neutron Scattering , Pigments in paper coatings and micro ATR)
      • Edition 4 (features Raman Spectroscopy of Minerals and IR Emission Spectroscopy of fibres)
      • Edition 5 (features FT-IR of proteins and SERS invitro imaging)
      • Edition 6 (features The discovery of the Raman Effect)
    • Volume 4
      • Edition 1 (features Polishing IR windows and FT-IR in solid phase synthesis)
      • Edition 2(SERS Edition with 9 papers)
      • Edition 3 (features Sample heating in FT Raman and IR Mulls)
    • Volume 5
      • Edition 1 (features Strong or weak spectra and Polarised Light in the mid IR)
      • Edition 2(features Physics of IR Emission spectroscopy and Catalyst Studies)
      • Edition 3 (features Gases and Hot sampling in Raman)
      • Edition 4 (features Raman Spectra of Gases)
      • Edition 5 (features FT-IR, Industrial Spectroscopy and The Handbook)
      • Edition 6 (features IRDG Report and Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology)
    • Volume 6
      • Edition 1 (features Ecological time bomb ? and the PerkinElmerInfracord)
      • Edition 2 (features IR in situ studies)
      • Edition 3 (features FT-NIR in the Ink and Paint Industry)

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