The Norman Sheppard Award Details


Candidates for the Norman Sheppard Award will have significantly advanced the field of Vibrational Spectroscopy in academia or industry.  Supporting evidence for a nomination will typically include a strong publication and presentation record, but could also involve, for example, mentoring, teaching, activities on committees,  and development of instrumentation / techniques that have made a major impact.  Nominees must be a member of the IRDG, and will have clearly demonstrated support for the aims and activities of the group, for example by organising or participating in IRDG-sponsored meetings.

Association / Location:

The Norman Sheppard Award for Vibrational Spectroscopy is sponsored by the IRDG, and is presented at the Christmas meeting of the group.

Nomination Process:

The Award is made on an annual basis, subject to the receipt of suitable nominations.  Any current IRDG member can submit a nomination, which must be received, in writing, by the IRDG Chairman or Secretary (preferably emailed to ) prior to the application deadline, which is usually the last day of September in each calendar year. Any unsuccessful nominations will be carried over to the following year and can be updated by the nominator before the subsequent deadline.

There are no formal rules on who can be nominated, but the nominees must obviously:

  1. Meet the qualifications above.
  2. Have made a distinguished and sustained contribution to Vibrational Spectroscopy.
  3. Not have been a previous recipient of the award.

The candidate may be either employed, emeritus, or retired, but they must be members of the IRDG.

Nominations should include a nominating letter, a seconding letter and no more than two other letters of support. A copy of the candidate’s CV may also be requested.