Volume 4 Edition 1


Here is a request for help from Ernst Schnabel in Nersingen Germany. I know very little about Naphthol resins, but I’m sure some of you can help Ernst. 

Does anyone have a reference to the IR spectra of -Naphthol resins? 

Ernst can be contacted at 073082578-001@t-online.de . Please don’t forget to send me copies of your emails.

Marco van de Weert has recently emailed pointing out that we should change format for diagrams – 

Although I understand the reasoning of the editors not to publish .pdf files, I personally prefer this format, as it allows me to print and/or save the articles in IJVS. Now I just get the most outrageous printouts (lengthy, incorrect borders, etc).

Rather than comment here, will you please have a look at the Editorial – Editor.

We received this very kind email a few weeks ago telling us about some teaching material. Of course, its been added to our rapidly growing Links Page (kindly produced by Dr. Gary Ellis of CSIC in Madrid, Spain). Don’t forget to check out the Links Page as it’s constantly being updated.


This link contains 64 excellent problems with IR, NMR and MS spectra for every problem. The IR and NMR spectra are of very high quality. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of useful information. This is one of the few pages I  will keep connected to when I retire next year – I enjoy the very well written articles so much.
Best regards

Bjarne Hilmer Nielsen, Associate Professor,  Department of Organic Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark.