Volume 2 Edition 3

5. “Dear Reader”

We have heard from Naser Al Khaffajy who wants some help.

“Can you help me to find details of the vibrational spectra of organosilicon and organoboron compounds.”

I replied rather unsatisfactorily that a basic set of frequencies can be found in Nakamoto’s book – see Spectroscopists Bookshelf Entry No. 4.

I’ve sure some of you folks know a lot more about this area than I do. Can you please contact Naser – COPY TO ME PLEASE! – hasna80@hotmail.com

Eric Langenburg has come up with an excellent suggestion. He suggests we open a “chat room” where unknown IR spectra [How about Raman?] could be sent in for inteactive interpretation/discussion utilising Chime 2 or similar.

We have an ever growing list of subscribers – currently >600 and could in theory accept a problem as a spectrum and supporting copy and then send the material to all subscribers with a request for help leading of course to electronic discussion. Doing this through the Journal is routine but it could mean that the enquirer will have to wait 6 to 8 weeks before someone somewhere comes back to him/her. We have thought about e-mailing all subscribers with the enquiry when it comes in. i.e. Louise would format the enquiry and then send it to everyone, hoping one of you at least will respond, but this is a lot of work. Publishing the Journal, record keeping, publicity, getting me cups of coffee…..keeps Louise very busy indeed. Have you folks any other ideas?