1. Editorial

Two editions within a month! Unheard of! The reason is that Louise is off on her travels – she’s going to find some sun in Florida so we decided to get an edition out before her vacation. [ No – not because we think she won’t come back, its just when she does she will be so sun tanned and full of Californian plonk she won’t be able to get down to work again until May 1st!]

[More like I nagged you to make sure we actually do 6 editions this year – you’ve got 2 weeks free of nagging now, but I expect some start on the next edition by the time I get back! – Louise]

A couple of edition ago, I promised to do a little piece on catalysis and its value of vibrational spectroscopy. My effort is NOT a review. A decent review would require a 2 volume book, but I thought that non-specialists would like to know what people in the field do and why, so its’ more akin to a journalistic survey than an in-depth analysis.

One of the most neglected area in infrared is EMISSION spectroscopy and to be honest I don’t know why. I asked Bill Maddams to write a piece on the background principles and Bill’s excellent effort is here for you all to read. I follow it with a small contribution suggesting how you can try the technique out on your own equipment without breaking the bank.

Over the last 3 years, dozens of entries have appeared in Dear Readers and I have lost count of the number of times I have written – “someone out there must be able to help – copy please to the Editorial Office”. Well almost none of you had responded BUT of late things have really improved. THANKYOU to everyone who has responded. You will see that we are just beginning to get a chat section going. Carry on please with the good work – it really is appreciated by all readers [and us too!].

Last time, Aunty Flo offered the “love lorn” some help. Many of you have responded. Some people even thought it was a joke! Perish the thought! Scientific journals are always humourless, dull and little boring so Aunty can’t possibly have a sense of humour – or can she?

This time we have two contributed papers. Their titles are –

Computer-aided Pattern Recognition of Organic Infrared Spectra, by John Bové and colleagues from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York and a very different subject….

Investigation of drug/polymer interaction in glass solutions prepared by melt extrusion from Thomas Rades and colleagues from University of Otago in New Zealand.

Please have a look at them even if they are not in your immediate field of interest and remember, if you don’t follow a paper or want more information, contact the author or me. If you do – copy the Office please.

Future editions – yes there will be many. I am in correspondence with authors on a wide variety of topics including pollution monitoring and control and also the methane clathrate field. The WHAT? I hear you say. You must wait but it all involves the next generation of energy supply- fascinating stuff.

Enough from me – read on!


APOLOGY – to any readers who may have registered their email address on the 9th or 10th March 2001, I had a problem with my email software when in the process of updating the software, all my current emails in my Inbox were wiped clean away and despite extensive searches on my computer I cannot find them. I know that there were at least 3 new registered subscribers but I had not added them to our subscriber list.

There is not a lot I can do, I do not know who these readers were or how to tell them that their registration has n’t gone through.