IRDG 209

Date: Thursday 30th April 2015
Location: The Exchange, Unilever R&D, Colworth Science Park, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, MK44 1LQ


  • DLS-Microrheology-Raman Spectroscopy of Complex Fluids & Proteins
    • Dr John Duffy, Malvern Instruments Ltd
  • Structural insights on gel-forming mucins from Raman, ROA and TERS
    • Dr Heather Davies, The University of Manchester
  • Raman spectroscopy shows that we personally care
    • Dr Eleanor Bonnist, Unilever
  • Incompetence or just bad luck? The story of one man’s efforts to build the perfect Raman resolution target!
    • Dr Neil Everall, Intertek
  • Thinking outside the box – Solving industrial problems with vibrational spectroscopy using established methods with a hint of novelty
    • Don Clark, Pfizer
  • Utilisation of Raman spectroscopy for primary and secondary pharmaceutical development
    • Dr Allyson McIntyre, AstraZeneca