IRDG 186

Theme : Ireland Meeting

Date : 17 April 2008

Location: National Centre for Sensor Research, Dublin City University



  • Evanescent Wave Raman Scattering
    • Colin Bain, (Durham University)
  • Controlling Nanoparticles to Optimise SERS
    • Steven Bell, (Queens University of Belfast)
  • TBA
    • Werner Blau, (TCD)
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy for Diagnostics and Biochemical Analysis
    • Hugh Byrne,( DITL )
  • Far-IR with Synchrotron Radiation and Low-wavenumber Raman Spectroscopy.Protein Dynamics. Water structure.
    • Ole Faurskov Nielsen, (University of Copenhagen)
  • ┬áNew Dyes for Multiplexed Cellular Imaging: Resonance Raman and Fluorescence Lifetime.
    • Ute Neugeburger, (Dublin City University)