IRDG 183

Theme: Spring Meeting
Date: 5 April 2007
Location: Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK


  • The use of ATR-FTIR to study thermal gelation in polymer solutions
    • Dr Chris Sammon (MERI, Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Characterisation of mass transfer processes and associated structural phenomena in EVOH copolymers and PCL nanobiocomposites by infrared spectroscopy
    • Dr Jose-Maria Lagaron (CSIC, Valencia, Spain)
  • Polarised spectroscopy to develop structure -property relationships in super tough carbon nanotube composites
    • Dr Alan Dalton (Dept of Physics, University of Surrey)
  • Future prospects for Cancer Diagnostics with vibrational spectroscopy
    • Dr Nick Stone (Biophotonics  Research , Gloucester Royal Hospital)
  • ATR-FTIR Imaging of domain sizes in solids: Fundamental performance limitations
    • Dr Neil Everall (ICI plc)
  • Effective path length of mid-infrared radiation through powders: Ramifications for NIR microspectroscopy.
    • Prof Peter Griffiths and Lacey A. Averett (University of Idaho, USA)
  • Applications of near Infrared (NIR) Imaging to understand pharmaceutical development
    • Dr Caroline Rodger (AstraZeneca)