IRDG 179

Theme : Christmas Meeting

Date : 15 December 2005

Location : The Royal Institution, London


  • Raman Optical Activity: An Incisive Probe of Chirality, Bio-molecular Structure & Behaviour
    • Professor Laurence D. Barron, (University of Glasgow)
  • Using Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor Chemical Reactions in Levitated Ionic Liquids
    • Dr Bernard Lendl, (Vienna University of Technology)
  • Combining Novel Techniques: Two-dimensional Correlation Analysis to Raman Optical Activity
    • Lorna Ashton, (University of Manchester) (Martin/Willis Prize Winner 2005)
  • Ultra-thin Film Analysis on Gold and Silicon Substrates with FT-IR
    • Dr Peter de Peinder, (Philips Research)
  • Novel Approaches to Non-invasive Deep-Layer Probing of Tissue & other Turbid Media
    • Dr Pavel Matousek, (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories)