IRDG 178

Theme : Process

Date : 28 April 2005.

Location : University of Bradford


  • At-process spectroscopy for monitoring of polymer melt extrusion.
    • Tim Gough,( IRC In Polymer Science and Technology, University of Bradford)
  • Rapid and quantitative analysis of metabolites in bioprocesses using Raman spectroscopy”
    • Royston Goodacre,(School of Chemistry, University of Manchester)
  • Practical PAT using Vibrational Spectroscopy
    • Jon Goode, (Bruker Optics Ltd, Coventry)
  • The use of ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy for supersaturation measurement and control in crystallisation studies”,
    • Gerald Steele,( Astra Zeneca, Charnwood)
  • NIR spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Andrea Giehl,( Pfizer, Sandwich)
  • Process Spectroscopy: Choose your weapons
    • John Andrews, (Clairet Scientific Ltd, Northampton)
  • Developments in In-Situ Reaction Monitoring
  • David Littlejohn, (CPACT, University of Strathclyde)