IRDG 176

Theme : Martin & Willis

Date : 10th September 2004

Location : Queen’s University of Belfast


  • Raman Scattering of Carbon Nanotubes(CNTs) and CNT Composites
    • Dr Tony McNally, (School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Queen’s University, Belfast).
  • Raman Analysis of Seized “Ecstasy” Tablets- Drug Intelligence Data from Spectra
    •  S. James Speers, (The Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland (FSNI))
  • Overtones, combinations and multivariate maths: What NIR has done for food analysis
    • Dr Gerard Downey, (The National Food Centre, Ashtown, Dublin).
  • Stopped Flow Infrared Spectroscopy of Small Molecule Activation by Metallo-proteins.
    • Prof. Roger N. F. Thorneley, (Department of Biological Chemistry John Innes Centre, Norwich).
  • Raman Spectroscopy- Some Photophysical and Biomedical Explorations
    • Prof John McGarvey, (School of Chemistry, Queen’s University, Belfast).