IRDG 174

Theme : Is this the end of the road ( again) for off-line testing?

Date : 17 February 2004

Location : GSK, Stevenage


  • Enhancing vibrational microscopy with temperature and humidity.
    • Helen Jervis,( Surface Measurement Systems )
  • Vibrational CD for Absolute Stereochemistry Determination, a Complementary Technique to XRD.”
    • Mike Claybourne, (Astra Zeneca, Macclesfield) and Helen Turner, (Southampton University)
  • Utilising NIR imaging as a method for Quantification of Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Forms.
    • Jutta Beyer, (Pfizer PGM, Sandwich)
  • Enhancing Raman spectroscopy for the rapid characterisation of micro-organisms.
    • Roy Goodacre, (UMIST)
  • FTIR studies of proteins.
    • Parvez Haris, (De Monfort University)
  • In-situ crystallisation monitoring.
    • Wendy Cross, (GSK, Stevenage)
  • Using the ReactIR and Chemometrics for mid-IR process monitoring.
    • Christian Airiau, (GSK ,Tonbridge)

Original Agenda