IRDG 171

Theme : Industrial Meeting

Date : 27 February December 2003

Location : Unilever Research, Colworth


  • Examples of vibrational spectroscopy in the food industry: proteins in ice to quantitative mapping in soft solid microstructures.
    • Paul Pudney, (Unilever Research Colworth)
  • FTIR of cell wall polysaccharides.”
    • Reg Wilson, (Institute of Food Research, Norwich)
  • New opportunities with FTIR spectroscopic imaging.
    • Sergei Kazarian, (Imperial College, London)
  • CARNAC_D: a new method for applying NIR data to quantitative analysis.
    • Tony Davies, (Norwich Near Infrared Consultancy)
  • Vibrational spectroscopy in Forensic Science”
    • Allison Jones, (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Identification of contaminant phases in soils and mine waste.
    • Pamela Murphy, (Kingston University, Surrey)
  • The role of Raman spectroscopy in Maganite and high temperature superconducting oxides.
    • Nishil Malde, (South Bank University, London)