IRDG 162

Theme : Visit by Professor Peter Griffiths to the UK

Date : 30th March 2000

Location : Nottingham University


  • Optical and Chemometric Aspects of Open-path FTIR Atmospheric Monitoring
    • Professor Peter R. Griffiths, (University of Idaho)
  • In Vacuo ATR-IR Spectroscopy for Heterogeneous and Bulk Diffusion Studies
    • Dr Andrew B. Horn, (University of York)
  • Probing Catalytic Mechanisms Using IR Spectroscopy
    •  Dr Anthony Haynes, (University of Sheffield)
  • IR Spectroscopy in Supercritical Water
    • Stephen Barlow & Professor Martyn Poliakoff, (University of Nottingham)
  • Photodimerisation of Substituted Cinnamic Acids Studied by Synchrotron IR Microspectroscopy”
    • Dr Peter Hollins, (University of Reading)
  • Facts and Artifacts in FT and CCD  Raman  Spectrometers
    • Professor Peter R. Griffiths, (University of Idaho)