IRDG 154

Theme: Emerging Techniques in Vibrational and Analytical Microscopy
Date: 12th November 1997
Location: Sheffield Hallam University


  • XGT-2000W, Analytical X-ray Microscope.
    • Helen Corry (Oxford Instruments Microanalysis Group)
  • Wider Horizons for FT-IR Microscopy.
    • Bernard Cook (Aire Scientific, Weaverham)
  • Applications of Mid-Infrared Imaging using an MCT Focal Plane Array Detector and a Step Scan FT-IR Spectrometer.
    • Andrew Grady (Bio-Rad Microscience Ltd, Hemel Hempstead)
  • Raman Microscopy of Gemstones and Minerals.
    • Lore Kiefert (Swiss Gemmological Institute, Basle, Switzerland)
  • FT-IR Microscopy: Advances in Structure-Property Elucidations of Industrial Materials.
    • John Chalmers (ICI Technology, Wilton)
  • Development and Applications of a Deep UV Raman Microscope.
    • Ian Hayward (Dept of Physics And Astronomy, University of Leeds)