IRDG 153

Theme : Vibrations of Molecules at Surfaces: A Route to Structure Determination?

Date : 3rd October 1997

Location : Department of Chemistry, University of York


  • Surface Characterisation of Ice Crystals
    • Dr. Andy Horn (University of York)
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Photochemical Reactions
    • Dr. John Moore (University of York)
  • New Developments in Detectors for IR
    • Dr. Craig Mackay (Astrophysics, Cambridge)
  • Understanding NIR Spectra via Polymorphs and 2-D Correlation
    • Dr. Terry Threlfall (University of York)
  • Taking Vibration Spectroscopy out of the Laboratory and into the Plant
    • Dr. John Andrew (Claret Scientific, Northampton)
  • Applications of Raman Microscopy in the Health Care Industry
    • Dr. David Chenery (Smith and Nephew, York)