IRDG 152

Theme : Vibrations of Molecules at Surfaces: A Route to Structure Determination?

Date : 8th July 1997

Location : IRC in Surface Sciences, University of Liverpool


  • Exotic and Prosaic Structures of Metal Surfaces.
    • Professor D A King, (Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge)
  • Face specificity, coverage dependence and surface modification in the control of molecular adsorbate orientation.
    • Professor N V Richardson, (IRC in Surface Science, University of Liverpool)
  • The structure of hydrocarbons adsorbed on metal surfaces studied with photoelectron diffraction.
    • Dr O Schaff, (Fritz Haber Institut der MPG, Berlin)
  • RAIRS and EELS: Peak intensities, structure and mechanism.
    • Professor M A Chesters, (Department of Chemistry, University of Nottingham)
  • How did we get there and where do we go next?
    • Professor N Sheppard, (School of Chemical Sciences, University of East Anglia)