IRDG 110

Theme : Christmas Meeting sponsored by Bruker

Date : 14th December 1984

Location : King’s College, London


  • Analysis of Corrosion Products with the use of Raman Microprobe
    • F. Purcell, (SPEX, USA.)
  • Photogalvanic and Photoaccoustic Spectroscopies.
    • A.I. Ferguson, (University of Southampton)
  • Dispersive Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
    • T.S. Parker, (Royal Holloway College)
  • High Resolution Infrared studies on S-Triazine
    • J.E. Parkin, (University College)
  • Matrix Isolation and Identification of G.C. Eluents
    • R. Milward, (Mattsen, USA).
  • Tervalent Hexa-aqua Cations: A New Vibrational Story in an Old Lattice
    • S.P. Best, (University College)

Original Agenda