IRDG 108

Theme : Academic Meeting

Date : 28th September 1984

Location : University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


  • Raman Gain Spectroscopy using a Thermal Lens
    • R.T, Bailey, F.R. Cruickshank, F. Guthrie, C. Nelson
  • Magnetic Raman Optical Activity and Raman EPR
    • L. Barron
  • Comparison of experimental and ab-initio Force Fields
    • J.L. Duncan
  • Compacted Electrodes – A Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Insoluble Compounds
    • W.E. Smith
  • CH Stretching Frequencies, Methyl Group Geometry and Internal Rotation in MeM(CO)5 Dimers (M=Me, Re)
    • D. McKean, G.P. McQuillan, A.R. Morrison, C. Long. I. Toto
  • An Unusual Structure for Mn2 (CO)9 Revealed by Matrix IR Spectroscopy
    • I.R. Dunkin

Original Agenda