IRDG 106

Theme : IR Standards

Date : 29th February 1984

Location : National Physical Laboratory


  • The Expanding Field of Infrared Applications
    • Dr F.J.J Clarke OBE, (National Physical Laboratory)
  • ¬†Analytical Applications
    • Discussion opened by Dr M.A. Russell, (BDH Chemicals Ltd)
  • Standards of Transmittance, Reflectance and Emissivity
    • Dr F.J.J Clarke OBE, (National Physical Laboratory)
  • Infrared Properties of Radiometer Coatings and Random Materials
    • Dr J.A. Larkin, (National Physical Laboratory)
  • Power and Responsivity Standards for Infrared Lasers
    • Dr J.G. Edwards, (National Physical Laboratory)
  • Rangefinders, Target Markers and Target Seekers
    • N G Shepherd, (Ferranti PLC, Edinburgh)
  • Thermal Imagers
    • D. Demaine, (Rank Taylor Hobson Ltd, Leicester)

Original Agenda