IRDG 100

Theme : 100th IRDG Meeting and 25 Years of Perkin Elmer

Date : 16th December 1982

Location : King’s College, London


  • The Past and Future of the IRDG
    •  H. Willis, (Chairman, IRDG)
  •  Some Changes in Infrared Spectroscopy over 25 years
    • M. Ford, (Perkin-Elmer Ltd)
  • Inelastic Electron Tunnelling Spectroscopy
    • B. Field, (City University)
  • FTIR Now and in the Future
    • T. Hirschfield, (Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA)
  • Perkin Elmer presentation of awards for “Oldest Instrument” and “ Design an Instrument” competitions.

Original Agenda