Theme : Spectroscopy in the University of London

Date : 17th December 1981

Location : King’s College, London


  • Recent Vibrational Studies at King’s
    •  W.F. Sherman and G. Wilkinson, (King’s)
  •  Far Infrared and Millimetre Wave Spectroscopy of Polymers
    • H.A. Gebbie, (Imperial)
  • Studies of Far IR Properties of Solids by Dispersive FTIR
    • T. Parker, (Westfield)
  • Infrared Spectra and Structure of Monolayers on Metal Surfaces
    • J. Pritchard, (Queen Mary)
  • Microwave Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Bonded Dimers
    • D.J. Millen, (University)
  • Infrared Luminescence and Crystal Dynamics
    • C. Flint, (Birbeck)
  • Recent Results in Resonance Raman
    • R.J.H. Clark, (University)
  • Aromatics as Spectroscopically Active Solvents
    • D. Steele, (Royal Holloway)

Original Agenda