Theme : Christmas Meeting

Date : 17th December 1980

Location : King’s College. London


  • Infrared and Raman Spectra of Metal Cluster Compounds
    •  D. Powell, (University of East Anglia)
  •  Active Raman Spectroscopy – The Association of British Spectroscopists Lecture
    •  W.G. Fateley, (Kansas State University)
  • The Application of Low Temperature IR Spectroscopy to Studies of Cement and Related Compounds
    • C. Wall, (Blue Circle Industries)
  • Bond Strength Studies of Ch3COX, CH3O, CH2X compounds, But-2-enes and Al2(CH3)6
    • D. McKean, M. McKenzie, G.P. McQuillan, I. Toto and D. Thompson (University of Aberdeen)
  • CH, GeH and AsH Bond Strength Studies in Organogermanes and Arsines
    • M. McKenzie, D. McKean, and I. Toto (University of Aberdeen)

Original Agenda