Theme : Instrument Exhibition

Date : 27th September 1979

Location : ICI Fibres Division, Harrogate


  • The MOLE Raman Microprobe
    •  J. Oswalt, Mrs Boyer or Mr Nguyen, ( Jobin Yvon, Paris)
  •  M.A.R.S Microscope attachment for a Raman Spectrometer
    •  B.W. Cook, (ICI, Runcorn)
  • The Identification of Microscopic Samples of Textile Fibres by IR Spectroscopy
    • D.K. Laing, (Home Office CRE, Aldermaston)
  • Some Industrial Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
    • D.A. Long, (University of Bradford)
  • CIRA 101 IR/GLC System
    • T. Gyllenspetz, (Central Electricity Generating Board, Harrogate)
  • A Film on Fast Scan Raman Spectroscopy
    • Shown by Prof Delhaye (Lille)