Theme : Study of Molecular Interactions

Date : 19th December 1978

Location : King’s College, London


  • Recent IR Studies of the Structure of Molecules Chemisorbed on Metal Surfaces
    •  Professor N. Sheppard, ( University of East Anglia)
  •  Vibrational Spectra of Metal Cluster Compounds containing Hydrogen and Organic Groups
    •  D. Powell, ( University of East Anglia)
  • Intermolecular Interactions Studied by Matrix Isolation Vibrational Spectroscopy
    • A. Barnes, (University of Salford)
  • Influence of Weak Interactions on Spectra
    • R.A. Spragg, (Perkin Elmer Ltd)
  • Interaction Between Chloroform and Benzene
    • R. Ferri, (King’s College)
  • Investigations of Molecular Interactions in Organic Solutions by Vibrational Spectroscopy
    • D. Steele, (Royal Holloway College)
  • Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy on Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in relation to PVC
    • Mrs J. Goodfield, (Polytechnic of Wales)

Original Agenda